Orgonite Green Mica Pendulum


Size: 38 mm approx

Weight: 20 grams approx

This Orgonite Green Mica Pendulum is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to keep their home and office clear of negative energy.

Orgonite is a type of resin that has been infused with quartz crystals and metal shavings to create a powerful, positive energy generator. This Orgonite Green Mica Pendulum is made with high-quality materials and can be used to clear your home or office of any negative energies that may be lingering.

You can use this pendulum by simply holding it in your hand and asking it questions about your life or the lives of others. It will answer you through its movements, which will give you insight into what the future holds for you or those around you.

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Orgonite Green Mica Pendulum
Orgonite Green Mica Pendulum