Orgonite Rose Quartz Pendulum


Size: 38 mm approx

Weight: 20 grams approx

The Orgonite Rose Quartz Pendulum is a perfect gift for any occasion. It is handmade with love and can be used for meditation, healing or just to bring good vibes into your life!

It’s made from a solid piece of Orgonite Rose Quartz Crystal, with a metal pendulum attached to the bottom. Orgonite is an energy cleansing material that converts negative energy into positive energy, while Rose Quartz promotes healing and balancing all energies in your body.

The pendulum itself is made from brass, which will help you to connect with your intuition when using it. It has been cleansed and charged under the Full Moon and Sunlight so it will work well when you need it most!

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Orgonite Rose Quartz Pendulum
Orgonite Rose Quartz Pendulum